ABS/WRDM Bible Study on DEMAND​ (B.S.O.D.)

WRDM is on a mission, to make the "Word of God to be available to everyone at anytime! WRDM wants to feed your spiritual inner man or woman on your schedule. Making it possible to partake in bible study and spiritual enrichment at your leisure. In today's society, we are consistently glued to our phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices. WRDM makes it possible to pool all the spiritual enrichment needed into one website that is easily accessible on any device. Just click play and plunge into a pre-recorded messages that is sure to sharpen your spiritual gifts and empower your spiritual walk. Also, share the message by clicking on Facebook (Word Reaching Destiny Ministries), Or By Inviting Family And Friends To Visit Our New Website And Enjoy All The Many Messages And Resources That Are Now Available!




              WELCOME TO WORD REACHING DESTINY MINISTRIES BIBLE STUDY ON DEMAND                                                                                                                                                                     

Greetings In The Name Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ.. Here Is Another Must Hear - Must Share Audio Message To Encourage And Elevate Your Faith To Believe The Impossible Can Become Possible In Jesus Name Amen! To My Partners As Always Double Blessings For Your Monthly Support And To Those Who Are Blessed To Receive This Awesome Message.. My Prayer Is You Would Make A Decision Today To Become A $25 A Month Supporting Partner For This Ministry/Movement So That I Can Continue To Touch The Lives Of An Unlimited Number Of People To Increase Their Love And Faith For The Almighty God And Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ! Remember If Thou Canst Believe.. All Thing Are Possible To Whom That Believeth!

Bible Study 4/10/17

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