Bishop Al B Sermon
We are humbled by our Lords abundant favor, poured out on this ministry since its inception.  Unto whom much is given, much is required, and we are diligently pursuing our mission to "Provide A Loving Environment, Where People Are Becoming and Building Disciples for Christ".

We pray that what you find here will encourage you in your own vision. God is no respecter of persons. What he's done for us, he will or can do for you!

We have found Him to be faithful and can truly say that what He starts.......He finishes. We welcome you to come visit us at Word Reaching Destiny.



 Meet WRDM Elders and Ministers: 

Elder Donna Lett       Elder George Carson   Elder Sophia Carson
Elder Samuel Johnson Sr    Elder Anita Harper  Apostle Isaac K. Bostick
Minister Shadonna Henderson     Minister Solomon Lemon
Evangelist Jackie Leverett/Orlando Fla.     M.I.T. Latavia Washington

W.W.O.W. Network Fellowship of Pastors
is a Cooperative Autonomous Fellowship of Pastors. The W.W.O.W. Network Alliance and Fellowship was birthed by Bishop Alton B. Sermon as a means of bringing together Pastors within the Body of Christ. W.W.O.W. is for Wisdom Worshippers of Word.  The purpose of the alliance is to offer Dual Submission for True Connection.  Bishop Sermon under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is the overseer of the Network, but the Network is comprised of Pastors who desire Fellowship and Growth. 

Pastor's who submit to the Alliance will have an opportunity to take part in monthly telephone conference calls where, there is an exchange of information and ideas with all Pastors in the alliance.  Pastors can also receive written lessons, DVD's of Bishops' sermons, and one-on-one time with Bishop Sermon. 

Pastors can also have an opportunity to host a church or leadership conference.  The W.W.O.W. Network also provides assistance with editing and broadcasting, credit and finance information, promotional and evangelism materials, facility leasing or building, church growth and development, and much more.


P.U.S.H. Ministry

Pray Until Something Happens...

Prayer (S.W.A.T.)  Ministry 
The Prayer conference call will be Coming soon
Also "LIVE" Bible Study & Prayer.. Every Monday At 7:30PM
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dial-In-Number (712) 775-7270    Access Code: 153763
For Prayer And More Information: 678-577-6705

WRDM Ministries

​Deacons And Deaconess Ministry 
Mothers' Ministry 
Shepherd's Care (Pastor's Aide)
Gatekeepers (Ushers and Greeters) 
Dance Ministry
Media Ministry
Praise Team & Choir 
Sanctuary Ministry Team
Keepers of the Temple (Grounds and Maintenance)
Children Taking It To The Top (Children's Ministry)
Youth & Teen Ministry
Christian Education Ministry


Elders And Ministers Mothers' Ministry         Deacons And Deaconess     Gate Keepers/Ushers & Media